Shnurfy (sh-nur-fy): anything good, cool, or positive

Who are we?


  • Wise Owl Paint

    Wise Owl Paint™ was born from a need to bring things back to life. There is an extraordinary sense of bliss that comes with rescuing an item from injury; from the trash; or simply to bring it back to being a cherished piece once again.

  • Furniture Salve

    Our Furniture Salve is often called “magic in a tin can”, and for good reason!  Our hugely popular and celebrated all-natural Furniture Salve is hemp oil and wax-based without nasty fillers or solvents.

  • Candle Kits

    Our DIY candle kits make it easy to turn any empty vessel into a one of a kind candle!

    Refill your old candles or turn your favorite piece of pottery or old metal bucket into your new favorite candle.